Kid's Strawberry Toothpaste

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New in August 2016!
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  • How To Use
    • Brush thoroughly at least twice a day. Best after meals or as directed by a dentist or physician.
  • Features & Benefits
    • Safe, chemical-free formula helps to promote good oral health.
    • Helps whiten teeth.
    • Helps freshen breath.
    • Available in two great flavors – Cooling Mint and Kids Strawberry.
    • Specially formulated to foam less than conventional toothpaste, so there’s less mess around the sink.
    • Helps fight cavities.
    • Vegan-friendly.
    • Made with natural ingredients.
    • Non-toxic if swallowed.
  • Did You Know?
    • The world’s oldest-known formula for toothpaste was created by Egyptians. They crushed rock salt, mint, dried iris flowers and pepper and mixed them together to create a cleaning powder.